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 It's Time For Your Breakthrough! 
Apply for YOUR BREAKTHROUGH Session with JV Crum III... Find $50,000 in Hidden Revenues in 60 Minutes!
COACH LAURA S. - In one quarter, I helped her doubled prices, restructure her offer, and quadruple sales, making in 3 months what she made in the prior 12 months. This is what Laura says...

"JV's coaching has been invaluable to building my business. He has a laser focus that has helped me narrow my client base and redefine my value. This empowered me to double my rates and attract the high-end clients that I want!"

COACH SEAN D. - "All I can say is WOW! In 25 minutes JV had reframed my mind as to what I should be focusing on. Imagine what an hour of coaching could do for you? If you're serious about breaking into the next level, JV will get you there!"

COACH AND CONSULTANT SUSANNE B. - I helped Susanne develop her entire marketing and client attraction strategy while upshifting her mindset about what she can accomplish. 

"I hired JV at a pivotal time in my business, a time when I needed to step-up in ways that were daunting, overwhelming, exciting, and mostly, scary-as-hell. The kindness, generosity, coaching, and mentorship JV provided was career-changing. I am no longer the same person. I now operate at a vastly different, higher level. Business that was once only a dream is now a reality!"

COACH POL C. - "If you want to make the biggest impact with your business in the least amount of time, then you should talk with J V. When I participated in a 4-week program he was leading, he gave me practical techniques I was able to apply to increase my daily efficiency and know exactly which goals I need to work towards."

CONSULTANT KEITH R. - "The value of a Breakthrough Session and how it helped me move through blocks that I was facing. I was able to see what I could accomplish with a fresh perspective. Now believe I can operate at a new level, which will position me for greater autonomy and financial freedom."

COACH MARIA L. - "JV has been instrumental in my personal transformation for standing in the value of what it is that I bring to my clients. He has helped bring clarity to my pricing and branding."

COACH DAVID H. - "I recently did a Breakthrough session with JV. Before the session I had been challenged by letting my business drop a bit instead of moving forward and some lack of “fire in the belly” as JV put it...Since the session I am more inspired, more certain of where I am going and taking actions to double my business."

COACH AND CONSULTANT STEVEN B. - "I've only been working with JV for a couple of months...the impact of the empowerment audio that JV created for me has been huge! I'm noticing that any challenges are overcome and life and business move forward!" 

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